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FR: Le jeu est noté indisponible sur l'epic game store, je l'ai acheté il y a peu et et ne peut le télécharger :/
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ENG:  The game is noted unavailable on the epic game store, I bought it and there are few and can not download it

I too had problems.  Shut off the Epic launcher and then restart it and hopefully/maybe it will allow you to install it then.  Imagine if they had an adult that was coding their launcher that could write something like:

on GamePurchase do CustomerLibraryRefresh

The whole Epic process is far from "epic" and closer to "shit".  They had lots of launchers to use as references so I don't know why theirs is so terrible.  Check in Discord for suggestions or with the clowns at Epic themselves.

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yes this games works very well. The best early access played ever.


Xander Huter
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