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I love the game. I´ve found several bugs - already mentioned in the bug-reports - and several suggestions are already being ...suggested.. in some threads. Here are some new ones... at least I didn´t find them after using the search-function extensively. Most of them are QoL-suggestions:

  • When you fall from the world, you (obviously) don´t have a grave where you can pick up your stuff. In this special case, your stuff should be returned so that you don´t lose everything
  • Please increase walking speed on foundations by 10% …it would give you another incentive to lay down foundations…
  • Is there a reason why biofuel and fuel are different? And why chainsaw only functions on biofuel, while jumpjets only function with "oil based products"?
  • "Stay effective" should be "stay efficient" IMO. Every "dumbass" can build up a factory - while it´s much more profitable for FICSIT if you deliver huge quantities of goods…which involves finetuning (with slugs…) to make your factory more efficient
  • Spectacular stunts can be done after hitting a bee-spawning plant with a vehicle…you can´t deny Goat-Simulator-Roots… :-)
  • Production buildings should empty out "internal storage" to a degree (!) before accepting new belt imput, and only build up to half the max. items from connected conveyors, so that they have "free slots" for you to store surplus items
  • Quintuple production time of vehicles so that you have a reason to explore by driving them and not deconstruct them at a cliff, jump down, reconstruct. If not, please fill up your vehicle automatically with fuel once you put it down. Would save clicks
  • All ítems - not only one stack - should be transferable to the hub for a milestone. At the moment you have to click…find the items…click…
  • An auto-sort button in your inventory to combine half-empty stacks
  • Reserve your inventory grid for certain items (e.g. middle mouse -> reserve for -> select item)
  • While thumb mouse buttons are bindable, the middle mouse button is not
  • Time till M.A.M. is done should be on your HUD - like with "time till dropship returns" - instead of having to return to MAM
  • Warning "a vehicle is out of fuel" - so if you screw up your fuel production e.g. due to power outage, you get notified
  • Move/ turn built entities so you don´t have to deconstruct and reconstruct them (connected power poles … or laying down a foundation)
  • Most important one: option for warning at a certain real-life time, so that you don´t forget to e.g. sleep, eat, work...What, already 4 hours later?

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" An auto-sort button in your inventory to combine half-empty stacks "

- Click Sort? its really not that hard. lol

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Most of the mentioned points are things that could be added far in the future. For now it is important to focus on core elements and get everything they want to implement done.

Speed boost on foundation and moving built entities are good ideas that could be introduced soon though.

Btw if you fall into the void, it makes sense that the items are lost forever.. (it obviously sucks but you need to be more careful then ;))
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My experience is that when you fall into the void, your death box is located wherever you last touched land.

I spent half an hour jumping, launching and falling into the void and it left a box for me on land every single time.
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Thanks! I didn´t know that!
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Btw., some additional thoughts:
* If you don´t bother about enemies but just run with your blades: the scuttling sound of the spiders´ feet ceases abruptly instead of slowly fading to zero :-(
* It would be nice to be able to walk through the upper floors of stackable conveyor poles - not only on ground level. If you try to fix sth. on the 6th level, it´s a pain because you cannot pass through the arches. It doesn´t add anything to gameplay not-to-be-able to pass through them.
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