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For expedience I'm going to draw comparisons to factorio for a moment, so please bear with me.

The tutorial system here is good, I'm up to hub upgrade 3, but there's one fundamental flaw; I don't have a carrot goading me into further development, I have this character ADA telling me how to progress, but not giving me any incentive to do so.

Now, I being a human being outside of the game know that there is a reason to progress, or it'd be rather silly for there to be a game. I've seen things in the trailers that look pretty fun, and gave me feelings I've yearned to experience first hand ever since I realized a sandbox resource management and assembly line simulating survival game was a thing. But that's the "rational" conclusion of having seen those things in a trailer. There needs to be something visible in game, just around the corner to motivate the irrational side.

In factorio, the tech tree is your incentive, it makes you ask yourself "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you could, say, build a car, or toast those pesky biters with the carbon rich fluid remains of their ancestors", or even "What can I research to reduce my emissions so I don't need to kill quite so many of the locals?" and then the vast, but helpful menu tells you what is available to you at current, what it can lead to, and what things you need in order to achieve it. And this is all visible from the very start of the game at a single keypress.

Now, I'm not saying you should totally ape factorio, but consider how you might go about achieving the same ends at the very early game stage.

My suggestion is give the player something not necessarily vital to enjoy and progress in the game, but incredibly convenient to have that might help spur progression, maybe with the promise of some variety of tiered upgrades. It shouldn't need to introduce any new systems to what you've already made thus far. I understand some tools may already have as much going for them as hinted at in the first trailer.
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The point being, not that it doesn't do this, but it doesn't do this soon enough.
I agree totally with you on this.  As it stands, If I put myself in the shoes of a new player, coming to the game without the foreknowledge we all have, I can see it being very easy (and even likely) to underestimate the game, and see it all as basic and pointless.
There is no carrot, and no stick - just a voice saying "do this".  Perhaps, with a better intro, containing more lore, this would be less of an issue - but, as it stands, there is no point to doing anything, unless you already know the outcome of your actions due to information from outside the game or previous plays; that's not great game design.
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I had this exact experience . I'm not a previous build game dude. I've played mostly FPS and Myst stuff years ago.  I almost threw in the towel about 2 hours in because I was tired of running back and forth.

A super easy progression would be scooter, car, truck, jetpack, hover craft or something. The world these guys put together is amazing. I want to explore as well as build.
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Car,Truck and jetpack exist in the Game :)

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I agree in the sense thaat the tech tree should be transparent so you can plot a route through to the juicy stuff, but the rest of your remarks are already there :)

The playable characters job is to build the space elevator and fullfill the objectives listet within. That is the driving force of progression.
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I agree, but I also like the fact, that you can and have to explore the world and analyze alien stuff to find "hidden" tech, like the parachute or the rebar gun.
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at tier 0 i thought the same like you and don't know what i am building next.

but after completing tier 0 you see tier 2 and 3. now i was very excited to complete the next steps, fill the orbital lift and see what comes next.

i think at the moment it's ok how it is, because you have not so much to research like factorio.
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On the reddit first pinned post I saw that description: "You play as an engineer on an alien planet tasked to complete ‘Project Assembly’ - a massive machine for a mysterious purpose".

I've taken the game slowly and might have missed it but I think I never saw that kind of "mission" in game. I was just building for the sake of it and because I like it. I never had a purpose.

But if they could simply remind you of your mission, being part of Project:Assembly, the end game ressource sink, as you're flying down in your pod, I think you would feel so much more invested!

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Yeah it does give you a reason to stop goofing around and get something done.
"Remember, we a watching you all the time."

Timers that go off every so often when you don't get something done.
"Get back to work you slacker"

I played other goal oriented but have that sandbox feel type of games. You can do what you want and I don't end up doing much.
I tend to get bored. Mod the game and do a restart. I spend more time in the beginning of the game than progressing and getting more done.
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It kinda already does do this to an extent, each teir has optional things to work towards that can help to either increase productivity or just to look nice. Don't forget though, this is only an alpha test, there's probably many more "carrots" planned.
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Have you made it to the next tier? It shows you the tech tree for tiers 2 and 3.
You can build watch towers.
Splitters belt merging, walkways, stairs, belt walls through walls, and there's more.
Unlock the next step and see what there is to be done.
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