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In my game I am able to have all the settings set to Ultra except the Shadow Quality & the Post Processing options, these I have to keep on low otherwise my game lags really badly, it is only these 2 options that do it, I don't have a top of the range graphics card, I only have a NVIDIA 2000 Quad in my Z420 Workstation PC which is an older model, but can still run the game, but when I have the 2 options stated even on medium with everything else on low, my game lags to the point where I can accidently walk off a cliff & die without having enough time for the game to register that I'm pressing the S key to walk backwards, so I was wondering if there is a way to better optimize these 2 options so that pc's like mine can have them set to something other than low & not have to worry about the extream lag that just 1 gives?
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The game is still in beta stage - improvements will happen over time.
We don't even have proper "pc requirements" yet, just a suggestion of hardware that should run the game
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I'm playing on a Lenovo T470 with its Intel embedded Graphics, and settings those two options to Low made a drastic improvement on the mouse lag I've lived with.  I'd played with the various settings but hadn't it on that specific combination before.   (Yeah, buying a gaming PC is waiting on this years tax refund.)
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