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Me and my girlfriend like to place a LOT of beacons, and after a time this can make the compass very confusing to read. I think a good idea to implement would be the ability to hide/show beacons on the compass (as well as being able able to toggle whether they show distance).

This can either be done adding a new tool into the game that allows you to do this (and maybe more). Or by adding another window pane to the player's inventory with a list of beacons, and buttons to toggle their status or remotely change their name.
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Agree, I made my own little naming system to keep descriptions short, otherwise nothing is readable.  However, perhaps when the map available this issue will go away on its own.  Either way works for me.
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Agreed, just a simple toggle for each beacon would be great. It could be as simple as clicking on the beacon UI to hide it. (But then how does one unhide it, luckily I'm not a dev :>)
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Good idea. I unfortunately tried to place a beacon on a big rock and it disappeared inside the rock. Now I have a uneditable/unremovable/useless beacon on my compass
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Unhide could be done in the map.  Hide on the compass, then unhide/hide toggle on the beacon in the map view.
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