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Ok hi hello, so what happened is that I was out with the cube. I was headed to a oil deposit to start oil processing then something intersting happened, while using the workbench I double clicked a powershard into the gas tank and it disappeared. What happened next is not amazing but the cube has been running on the same biomass that went into it. It has not dropped its fule down at all the cube seems to be unlimited in its fule now because of the power shard, any question post on here

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Actually the cube uses any organic matter as fuel. Also power shards or even slugs.

What happens is, the power shard will be consumed (hence no fuel is used). It's not unlimited! The "power shard fuel" runs off too at some time. You can also use berrys, nuts, mushrooms, mycelia or even creature leftovers to fuel the vehicle. So be carefull what you put in there (famous words, you tell your pubescent son).
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I dont think u understand go ahead and do this because this is what I did, put a overclock power shard in the cube then after its use put in another fule source (any thing it will take) then actually watch the fule count while driving, u should c that u have not used any fule at all. I can automate the cube and not stock the fule for it and it will continue to run no problem at all for many many hours
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@ Killer420 - power shards last very long time, that's why you don't see the fuel tank depleting yet
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