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Is it possible to upgrade a tractor to a truck? Or do you have to delete the tractor and it's route then build a new truck and a new route?

I ask as i have a fairly laborious route from my oil refinery to my base and having to delete the tractor, build a new truck and re-plot the whole route is going to be a pain. Would be nice just to upgrade the tractor and say, "right, know that route that you've been doing? You're still doing it but now you're a truck bringing a butt load more oil home to me. Go forth and prosper!"
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I don't think there's a way to do that. But separating routes from vehicles would be great. Then you could upgrade easily. My similar trouble is with a coal setup having multiple tractors running the same route. Somewhere there is/was a suggestion for "route beacons" that would let you lay down a path but I couldn't find it just now. That would definitely solve both our problems.
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They could solve this by being able to assign a plotted route to any vehicle. However I believe that the Truck might have a hard time if the Tractor route includes any narrow passages as it is quite a bit wider. But it is irritating to have to re-drive routes because you had to deconstruct a vehicle!
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