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I'm aware that this idea change game play flow probably to far from current game design but probably is worth experimenting with and would add some interesting, distinct dynamics to Satisfactory.

Instead of players carrying around stacks of iron, steel, barrels of oil, make an interface to use materials from nearby storages and vehicles to build and to craft from and to. Stacking of materials in inventory have to be significantly limited. Players would be able to chose supply and products destination storages from nearby and move items between storages adjacent to each other. In addition there have to be “portable” storage container witch can be carrying In inventory while empty, could be directly filled while placed on the ground during foraging or mining. There have to be, from game beginning, basic vehicle inspired by forklift to carry the container around when not empty. The hub have to have storage from beginning. In addition it would be much useful to have vehicle loading terminal witch can load predefined by player set of items, and there should be vehicle stop sign/station where vehicle with recorded path would wait until player interact and sent it back for load.

Such game play mechanic would force players to plan and build proper storage and crafting wing of their factory, expand the factory in a such way that they could supply building with construction materials with vehicles or belts, and would expand supplying role for multiplayer game.

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I like this, and I did read it.
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Ew. Empyrion made this change and it was horrible. Um, no.
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You can always set up a truck depot to deliver supplies to you when you are working away from your main base.
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Text fixed.                 .
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"Ew. Empyrion made this change and it was horrible. Um, no."

Could You elaborate or add source? i don't know this game.

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When moving items between remote storage containers, how will you determine from which container to which? Or is it just random? this is just the start of issues with that idea..

As for carrying around a secondary "crate" in your inventory to store things... Is your inventory not sufficient? Try getting some upgrades.

For your "forklift" idea, try driving around a truck and use that as your "forklift"

And finally, if you're travelling far away enough from the hub "from game beginning" to actually need a vehicle, you're playing the game wrong and should re-think your strategy. Get coal power first at the very least. Remember, efficiency first. Get to work, and be efficient.

tl;dr your suggestions can already be accomplished with in-game mechanics and/or adds nothing new to the game and/or adds things that actually takes away from the experience (never knowing which containers you're crafting from for example).

That's my $0.02c.
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Being able to carry around machines would be interesting but less efficient than stacks of materials unless we get a lot more slots.

Also, belts are a problem because they need varying amounts of materials based on length. You still need multiple inventory slots for poles and conveyors so you aren't saving anything there either.
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"Please give this a try"

Sry, Im not going to make visualization for You. Im sure You are aware that developing UI needs experimentation and iteration. Lets imagine then:  so, there have to be a list of storages nearby. It could be dynamic list, it would show storages containing needed items for building while one chose to build a machine, or needed for crafting an item. There is an option to name storage if he want or storages would have just numbers as names. He can chose/select from witch storages containing needed items building or crafting would draw, using the list. In addition  while crafting there have to by scrollable field to chose destination storage for crafted intermediate materials, personals items would be carry in player inventory.

"But this one doesn't. Sorry."

"and the game doesn't care which one it takes from?"
but, why You think it shouldn't care?

"i'm wondering how big that radius would need to be for it to be useful"
I know that my answer would not satisfy You, but lets try: about three or four times length of the hub.

"Also... why not just use belts ... ?"
I mentioned belts, didn't I?
Please take Your time and read one more time if You need.

"use a truck"
omg, if vehicle is needed to carry materials there have to be "truck" from beginning, right? Trucks are for long distance transportation, the "forklift" is short distance, available from beginning "truck".
"I dare you to show me it's that easy."
Its not easy nor hard, its just an idea for game in development to think about and experiment with.
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Interesting thought.
Merit is there, though i must disagree for two reasons.

1. Inventory Micro-Management - Some is nice, but I'd say satisfactory has more than enough, not to mention the up and coming content updates with their more/new everything to account for.
2. Re-purposing - Basically becomes impossible without adding something to upgrade things like belts or miners. And "what if" someone wants to downgrade?
Here at Fics It, we don't waste.

But I still throw out ore and plates and stuff i don't need all the time when my inventory is full. Just remember to only throw out renewable resources.
Carapace and biomass etc are not renewable.

Your "view-all-nearby-containers" idea is practically identical to the way space engineers does its inventory management system in ships and stations.
Which i have used, have you?
It is god damn AWFUL.
Please, for the love of god and the sanity of all people, don't put that into more games.
Find a better way or don't do it at all.
I really shouldn't need to explain this more than that, but i guess, you need me to.

If you'd like to see experiments already performed about your idea, check out space engineers and try docking a small craft with 10 small cargo containers on it with a station with 10 large cargo containers on it. .. And several other smaller ships and such docked with it.
Yeah... No.
Here's an in-game screenshot example of what you are suggesting: https://gyazo.com/ac38d3324ef567bde21682ea61e0d833
Look at how small that scroll bar is on the left!
And that's WITH search filters.

If you want such a concept to grow, then your challenge now is to show it can be done better than space engineers because I'm pretty sure the devs already have enough on their plate.
That's why i have asked you to physically draw what such a ui would look like - we'll either see what space engineers did or you may actually come up with that something better - which i would be very excited to see but problem is i don't think it can be done.
And again... I have ui design experience, and hence, I challenge/dare you to prove me wrong.
If i'm wrong, then you would have achieved a rather monumental break-through in the design of inventory management systems and will benefit many many games, INCLUDING FACTORIO.

Unless of course you're actually happy with how space engineers does it, in which case your taste in design disgusts me. Yick!
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I don't know Space Engineers, but You have a point here. So i cant't relate and compare what is more tedious: running between storages, dragging items to inventory back and forth, or this. It looks like the screenshot depict whole base management system (including machines like furnaces) with a lot of small containers. My idea is for nearby containers only, moving items between adjacent storages only,  with usage of vehicles to deliver materials to building spot (item stacks size could be bigger to carry more). In Satisfactory the list have to be present on the screen while running around and building, not whole fullscreen, dedicated base management UI.
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# pyrofire232
I found an example of a list on a screen for You, look at that (in comparison to Your SE example it looks like a breeze):
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I came to simply conclusion that nothing have to be changed in the current game inventory system. Just add possibility to draw items directly from selected nearby storages and vehicles while building and crafting. It could be realized by simple, dynamic list of nearby storages, similar to how "planned goals" list look like, with selectable positions. The list would be optional for player like the "goal list".

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Takes up too much space on the screen (sorry :P).

Constructing & crafting from nearby containers.
The hub makes a good measuring stick and the three to four times its length is a pretty good starting point, but i have a hunch this may be a little bit too big.
Tweaking that would be a play-testing thing.

Any ui is not needed for this at all, as it does not at all times need to be shown.

The constructor tool shows how many of a resource you have, so that would suffice for indication.

Same goes for the craft bench, though if you're crafting so much to need additional containers to hand-craft from, you're probably doing something wrong or need to work on your inventory management.

The idea for constructing from nearby containers in radius may be feasible, but there's a few small issues.

It's not very intuitive, particularly with learning the range of it and never knowing which containers items are being taken from, though admitted this may not be that big of a deal when it comes to the play experience.
And I'm also not too sure how it would fit into the aesthetic of the game.
It seems rather out of place.

The exception to both those issues is if there are other item-teleporting-type structures and guessing by the crafting materials list, this could actually be a real possibility, but who really knows.
If there are other structures that make use of some kind of item teleportation, then such a concept would fit right in and at the same time be easily explained by existing mechanics that the player would be introduced to at that stage of the game.
That would be quite satisfactory. ... Only if item teleportation structures of other kinds are planned.

Oh and, if there is any example that shows a need for this to be turned on/off under any circumstances, this should not added to the game because it would break or impede the play experience.
For the moment, i can't think of one.
You'd want this thing to be constantly turned on at all times.

I leave you with one final problem to solve - should it take from the players inventory first or from a nearby container?
If your answer is a toggle button or an option, then the concept is not complete and probably shouldn't be added.
Bonus points if you show your work and give example use-cases to justify why which one is better than the other, or if you find two examples that contradict each other (which if this happens, this probably shouldn't be added).

A lot needs to go right for this to work.
But that's how you turn a bad idea into a good one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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" if you're crafting so much to need additional containers"

Its not about amount of crafting materials it is more about moving items back and forth between storage and inventory while doing different chores at once.

"learning the range"

If the (dynamic) list is always on the screen (or toggleable), player would see how it is changing. Or there could be a hint for him like automatic sorting by distance or list positions transparency fading.  As they say: "necessity is the mother of invention".

"If there are other structures that make use of some kind of item teleportation ... Only if item teleportation structures of other kinds are planned."

Lol, there are items flying while You are building. Let them fly more.

"Oh and, if there is any example that shows a need for this to be turned on/off under any circumstances, this should not added to the game because it would break or impede the play experience."

You are kidding me, right? Are we talking here about additional feature to assist player with quick items grabbing? Is grabbing items from containers such a  fundamental "play experience" in Satisfactory?

"I leave you with one final problem to solve - should it take from the players inventory first or from a nearby container?"

I feel a sense of dread of uncertainty. Let my try: its minor and doesn't matter much, player would adapt. Or items drawing order have to be configurable in a degree.

"f your answer is a toggle button or an option, then the concept is not complete and probably shouldn't be added."

I could say the same about "arachnofobia option".

"Bonus points if you ..."

I'll stay away from "bonus points" offered in the internet.

"And I'm also not too sure how it would fit into the aesthetic of the game."
"A lot needs to go right for this to work.
But that's how you turn a bad idea into a good one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

Idea is very simple. Implementation is to be worked with and it have to be tuned to actual experience. You made a list of implementation details here and I wouldn't bet on any of these up front without testing. I won't be sure unless I see it.
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You seem to have missed the parts where i said "A lot needs to go right for this to work." and "break or impede the play experience.".

What i have outlined is the best of what you can make out of your otherwise poorly thought out idea, because i'm nice like that.
Taking from containers within a range is just not needed nor is relevant to any gameplay mechanics or the story and I have explained this in great detail.
Please take the time to actually read what i have said.

There are far, far better things to be worked on right now and over the coming months like trains or the S.A.M and uranium tech trees, and you have put forward very little to actually support your idea or show it as something that is both good for satisfactory and needs to be added.
So, keep trying.
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