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I logged off about 12 hours ago and when I logged back into my game I had tried to dismantle something to build it elsewhere, but when I left click to dismantle it, it does nothing. It is also the same for building. Right clicking to exit anything is also broken for me. If anyone has experienced this and/or fixed it for someone or themselves please respond with some information on this glitch.
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I tried re-opening satisfactory and when I did I can no longer click the "Agree and Proceed" button.
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Everything is screwed up I cannot play my game at all, even when I can figure out how to click agree and proceed I still cannot click the load button. Please help me, please. I love this game soooooooo much but I cannot play it :(
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During a multi player game,
the second player (and the next one as well) cannot use the key F (dismantle) and Q (build).
Do you have any idea about it ?
The first time it appended, reload the game was enought,
but now we had tried to host the game with the other players, it is still not working.
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This issue is fixed by using a more high value for tje Network Quality.
have fun with coop mates !
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Tried this but didn't work :( what can i do else?
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