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Please make the hitboxes of splitters/mergers way smaller.. They are so big that if you delete a foundation under them, you can’t replace the foundation, instead you need to deconstruct the splitter/merger first..

Same for conveyor belts, if you place a splitter near to a belt it works, but if you try to place a belt near to a splitter (or above it) so that it looks clean, you have to get 5km distance. ;‘j

(It’s similar for most other machines too)

Would be a nice optimization!
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I agree that many things should be placeable when they aren't due to other items. They could just lower collision requirements to be able to place something. Another thing I don't understand is how we can't place belts on the edges of a foundation when one can by just placing the belt foundation first.
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When you're pulling a belt you can't place the "auto conveyor pole" between foundations, but you don't  have issues if you place the pole alone and pull the belt later.
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yeah the order you build things in mattering really bugs me. I've had quite a few times where i have to tare up large sections of my factory just because i need to change 1 thing
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