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It seems like a broken UE to have 2 major terminals absorb material while crafting but to not allow the Workbench to follow the same model.

Please consider adding this for continuity of experience and convenience to the players
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Can you expand, please? I do not understand.
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I agree with @Wintermute. What do you mean? What would it absorb the materials for?

The Hub Terminal and Space Elevator consume materials for doing updates. But the craft bench is not ingesting materials for the purpose of updating things. It's just a material converter.
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Are you talking about displaying the number of items needed like the HUB does when you choose a milestone? Or are you suggesting that we should actually have to insert the materials into the workbench before we can make something?  If it's the first, you can already do that by adding items to the to do list which makes a list of objects you need display on the right side of the screen. If it's the second I think that would cause it to take way too long to make anything!
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I mean that in elevator, we can store material as we make it.
I mean that in the milestone bench, we can store material as we make it.
But in the workbench we cannot. The workbench being the place where you can make beacons and etc.

Absorb means that if the count is 165 screws. You make 55. Slot them in, walk away and continue to do other things. Come back, add 55 more, etc. (making a chainsaw)

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I THINK you are suggesting that, when a milestone is selected, and a player crafts a required item in the HUB crafting bench, that the materials be automatically placed towards the milestone.

Not sure I agree.
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Nope. Please see the note above.
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