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its like programable spiltter, but I can adjust the number of items that come out.

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a way lot better than divide into halfs or thirds
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Umm actually there is programmable splitter in the game. U can't built it yet bcoz it needs turbo motor witch is not implemented yet.
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no, programmable spiltter is just like smart splitter
smart splitter only 1 type items per slot output, programmable spiltter can select multiple item every slot.

what i mean is, if input 450, then for output i can limit to 60, or 12, etc...

now if i have input 450 iron ingot then i want output 15 ingot and 60 ingot, how much space and are splitter needed?
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not sure if i saw this right, but you can make multiple entries in a programmable splitter.

so in theory if you want to split into 60 and 30 you can add 60 times the item on one side and 30 times the item the other side.

still doesn't help with the stupid machines that want xx.05 items  pm lol
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Programmable spliter is just likesmart spliter, it only adds you can program multiple resources on each exit.
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