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As is, there is no difference in the grid view between "Production" and "Consumption". To avoid running into outages without the addition of energy storaging techniques like say SMES based on Quickwire, it would help greatly to visualize the maximum power consumption based on the currently set clock rates over all the machines connected to the grid. This could be set as a replacement for the "Production" line in the grid view.

I get that production follows consumption until the max capacity so intake consumption at the power plants is lower than 100% if we run below capacity. Then maybe don't replace production with the suggested line but simply add it to the grid view, pretty pweas. angel

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This would be SO useful! It's very hard to figure out when you have machines running sometimes but not always. A lot of dips and rises. So a constant representing possible peak would be AMAZING!

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A tier-based unlock to the hub maybe that replaces one of the in-built bio-reactors (as anyone who needs this no longer uses the reactor)
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I think it would be fine if it were independent from the tech tree - as it is just basic info of your grid to help avoiding outages due to unpredicted spikes. It would also be a good guide to raise efficiency manually by say changing the clock rates of the assemblers. (The majority of them don't run at 100% at 100clock for me most of the time)
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