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Here u can see the Conveyor Lift mk. 3 not connecting to the wall and animation transport items not from bottom to top as logic do, it transports it from top to bottom. Full functional but visuals are bugged.

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came on to report this too, found some "interesting" bugs on these that will need looking at.

- Not snapping to walls/belts (happens when the belt is built first, snaps fine if belt is built second)
- Input connection works fine with the above snapping issue when connected to wall but the output doesn't (i.e items can jump "onto" the elevator but not off of it again
- Input and output can be switched but the animation doesn't change (see video for ease https://youtu.be/IaQLSm8vRss)
- With current snapping distance, it is impossible to build a conveyor between elevator and wall
- As belt direction is dictated by place order (input is first, output, second) it is impossible to start an elevator with the input in the air unless there is already a snap point there (suggest changing model to move items up or down based on where input is rather than which end was placed first)

Will update if I find any further issues
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I'd add the need for some snapping guidelines. Its hard to Line up the end of the lift with a conveyor wall or pretty much anything if you want them to match height. Especially when you place the start point right before you and aim up to some far away conveyor wall.
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I think, as pointed out, that some of these bugs and perceived bugs are due to the experimental visuals.  The visuals make the lift look like it is set back from the connection, when it really isn't, and that's why people say it's bugged because they can't get a conveyor section in there.  There IS no space to get the belt in there - it's not a bug.

I also have the issue where the lift input automatically connects to a conveyor wall and functions, but the output does not automatically connect to conveyor walls.  This means I have to back the lift away from the wall at least one conveyor section to make it work.

Also when building a lift from an upper wall section to the conveyor wall section on the ground level, I can't get the lift to line up with the ground floor because it has collision issues with the ground level platforms.  Maybe the hit boxes need to be reduced because I can start a lift at ground floor, but I can't end one there.
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Could be, don't know if they have correct visuals right now or still placeholders.
If so im wondering why they do not update those visuals and connect belts to the lift to connect to walls and conveyors themselves.
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still reverse animation after upgrade.

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This may be by design, but I had hoped for these lifts to snap to the wall with three conveyor belt connectors. It almost fit!

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upvote pls for them to recognize
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Trying to connect Top Walls with bottom walls, not possible, because not enough space to place conveyor belts inbetween.

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This needs to be autoconnected.
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I'm seeing the same issue.  It will connect to the wall conveyor at the input snap point, but not at the output.
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I have also noticed this.  Seems like lifts will only snap to the first connection point, not the second one, which means you have to connect the second point with a normal conveyor.  Because the second point doesn't snap it also makes it difficult to judge how far up / down you need to extend the lift.

In your image you could get round this by rotating the second point 90 degrees parallel to the wall then routing a conveyor through a conveyor wall next to it, but it would be nice if the lift would snap correctly to both start and end points (e.g. conveyor walls).
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Here u can see another one, connection not visual but animation works fine, seems it does the animation from the side u start placement and not input/ output animation.

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Same here. In addition, it is not possible to set the conveyor  lifts at the same distance as the conveyor belts to which you want to connect them.

It is the same as M4STER_ROOT. Only without wall.

I don't know how to attach a screen of it here.

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upvote pls for them to recognize thx :)
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Also, you can't connect two wall outlets. At least downwards, which is sometimes tricky to place at all, it does not connect to the wall and you can't place a belt between. The upper one is automatically connected to the wall.
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