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First of all, I congratulate you for your work. In the whole game, I really liked the graphics and the beauty of the environment. I put you a good note 9.5 / 10. However, I encountered some bugs (like the conveyor that goes through a big rock) but I voted in frequent questions.

Here are some suggestions I would like to have for later, but it's your choice:

- Energy: Is it possible to have more than 4 electric wires per beam?

- Weapons: The taser is not very effective against monsters, is it possible to replace with a pistol as the first game? Is it possible to have automatic machine gun turrets?

- Health: I have been hurt several times and I have found no way to cure myself. Is it possible to have first aid, for example? Do we have protective blankets like bulletproof?

- Transport: Is it possible to have a helicopter or a plane, as it is more efficient than a car or a train?

Here are all the possible suggestions that I posted.

I hope they will suit you for the rest of your game.

I wish you good luck for the job.

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Energy: 4 seems a bit low but increases creativity to build the factory

Weapons: I disagree, the nailgun is good and enough. Turrets? For what?

Health: Eat nuts they heal you ;) (the white nuts)

Transport: Drones ;)
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Thanks for your information.

For the turret, if we have wall against the monster, so who can kill them if we're not here ?
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How do we eat nuts ?
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Put them into your "hands" (press TAB and put them there where your weapon is)
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Turrents: Right now: if you killed an animal is gone forever, no animal will attack your base. This may change in the future
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