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As the title says. I attempt to select the mk1 or mk2 conveyor lift, but this just crashes the game. Not sure about mk3 yet, but I'd assume the same happens.

I should add that this only happens in my friend's game. I can place the conveyor lifts just fine in solo play.
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same probem. +1
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the error says it's has to do with displaying the holo version on the connected players side.

So if either player picks the lift, the connected players client crashes.
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Confirm.  Works fine in solo.  Multiplayer client will crash when C.Lift is selected *or* placed.
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This is happening for the host and other players connecting for mine
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Not sure if helpful, but I'll add to this:
Wife and I play together.  I'm host.
So far, every time I pull out the mk1/2 lift, my wife will crash.  Upgrading to the mk2 belt has the same effect.  Wife also crashes if she attempts to build the lift.

 If my wife immediately tries to reconnect after the crash, she will crash again, then I crash.  Reloading as host before she attempts to reconnect seems to prevent further crashing until I whip out another lift.  Havent tested with mk3/4 yet.

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Confirmed playing as client in multiplayer. As soon as I try to select the conveyor lift, the game crashes. A few seconds later, the game also crashes for the host.

The host can select the conveyor, but as soon as he builds it the game crashes for the client, but not for the host. After I reconnect, I can actually see the constructed conveyor lift.
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I can confirm this as well, It´s ok for the host but for the others the game crashes
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found out that it doesnt crash if the client is far away ( like 500 meters ) when the host builds the lift.
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maybe if the client reduce the render distance??
I'll test it out
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This is fixed and will be in the next patch to experimental.
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When is the next patch for experimental going out?
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The patch went out yesterday with those fixes
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I can second or third this issue. (I'm hoping what Gustav.lofstedt is true tho that it is fixed in next experimental update) hosting my multiplayer game all I have to do is select the conveyor lifts and my friends (clients connected to the server) crash. I don't crash when trying to place them down and use them but they do crash my friends anytime I try and select them.

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