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So the game detected my PC as ULTRA settings. I have a pretty power end PC, with the "bottleneck" being a NVIDIA 1080 GTX.

The first aliens I encountered, kind of like rhinos/dogs who stampede against you were slowing the game noticeably. I noticed it happened exactly when the white lines of "speed effect" appeared.

The game did not slow down in any other moment the first hour I played. I then switched to medium/high settings and the slowdowns against the dogs did not happen again.

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Hi! I also have a 1080 GTX and probably a lower end CPU than you (6700K) and have not seen that happen yet. What kind of HD/SSD have you installed the game on? I might not have noticed it since I have a M.2 drive with 3,5GB read speed. If that is the cause it is probably an optimization issue.
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I've noticed the same thing, running a 1060M, off an M.2 drive.  7700HQ cpu.  The motion trails on the warp pigs cause a number of issues, including FPS drop, missing input events(makes combat fun), and even leaving fullscreen mode.
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