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18 Stacks of Power Shard transformed into 1 when I shift+click,
from my inventory into a Constructor (which had at the origin no Power Shards at all).

I mean, when I transfered one, the rest of the pack also disappeared.
And clearly, the rest of the pack is gone, even if I take the Power Shard alone.

Experimental Version : CL#98224

Additional informations :
- Transfering a splitted stack, will only transfer one of the two stacks available in inventory
(you can use this solution to counter-measure the bug while it is present in the game by splitting one by one)
- Whichever destination is the target of the transfer will make the stack disappear
- Dragging with mouse also triggers the bug

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Same 80 goes to 1. Need to split the one i want to put in factory in stack on 1 for not lose others.
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Same happened here.  29 shards consumed into one when tossing them into a Mk2 miner.  Pulling it back out or deconstructing just returns one shard.
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Same with an oil pump.
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looks like any stacked is being pulled in on mine.
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