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1-  access lifts in multiplayer cause game to crash, even hovering over them makes it crash.

2- Multiplayer again, joined players can't access vehicle menu.

3- Multiplayer again, joined players can't see results of detonation, rocks act as though still there.

4- Portable miner, if placed in slot 2, 3 or 4 will duplicate infinitly, destroying other equipment in processs

5- Game gets more and more laggy as players move away from each other.
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Sorry, but reading this, I cannot make a lot of sense from it.
1) What are the "Access lifts"?
2) What vehicle(s) are you pointing at?
3) Does this happen with specific rocks, or with all of them?
4) This has been repeated multiple times before: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/16100/experimental-duplicating-portable-miners-multiple-slots
5) What settings are the host and joiner using?

Please split up your bugs, use appropriate tags, and explain a bit more if possible
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Please take the advice of Master-Guy. By not splitting each bug report you make it more difficult for others, including the developers, to find unique bug reports.
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1. Conveyor (vertical) lifts in multiplayer cause crashes regardless of which m version.
2. Occurs at random times Usually deconstructing and remaking the vehicle or relogging fixes this.
3. Multiplayer issue seems repeatable on many of the huge rocks destroyed.
4. Refer to other posts
5. Experimental version gets very choppy/ rubber bands when beyond 500 m from each other or if near large structures in multiplayer . (more than before)
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