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I understand the intention to try to reduce handcrafting, but I personally enjoyed having alternate recipes in the crafting bench.
One of the replies to the reddit post with the April Experimental Patchnotes describes how much easier alternate recipes made managing inventory while exploring. Personally, I liked having all the recipes in one place for planning purposes, (thus, codex) instead of having to check seven different buildings to see what you've unlocked and what you haven't.

At the very least, I'd like all recipes, vanilla and alternate, collated in a tab in the codex. You can have a symbol or category next to each listing that identifies what production building is required, (with a hammer symbol next to those that can also be handcrafted).

However, I admit that part of the appeal of alternate recipes is bypassing some materials all together, and therefore I'd still like a craftbench with alternate recipes in it. So I suggest Craft Bench Mk 2, as a mid/late game upgrade over the normal crafting bench. That way, once your automated production bypasses certain parts and materials, your handcrafting can, as well. It's one more milestone to research, no a big deal. You can include Equipment bench functionality on a second tab if you feel a need to make it a more substantial upgrade. If you really want to stretch it out so that you can't handcraft your way to new tiers, you can make it a tiered unlockable, with mk 2, unlocking tier 1 alt recipes, Mk 3 unlocking tier 2 alt recipes, etc. How you apply this to vehicles is up to you.

Either way, in both codex and crafting bench, the recipes can't remain sorted like they are in the stable build, they need to be (default) sorted by output, so that, as an example, all recipes that produce screws are next to each other rather than being several lines apart.
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+1 for recipe sorting.

In the same vein, recipes are currently way too "spread out" and difficult to keep track of.  You currently have separate lists in the Crafting Bench and Equipment Workshop - IN ADDITION to separate listings in each separate machine.  I have been carefully adding  alternative recipes in my current base to keep things somewhat sorted, but it does little good if the same machine that creates "computer" and "caterium computer" has no listing for "crystal computer" because the latter gets stuck inside a different machine, owing to its fewer ingredients.

TLDR; perhaps a master list of known recipes in any and all crafting menus, with recipes disallowed in the current UI/machine greyed out (and a tooltip saying why).  Also, the Equipment Workshop is unnecessary and redundant.
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