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I am able to use the object scanner with items that don't appear when I left click by right clicking to cycle through all possibilities.
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this is definitely real. i think it is an overlooked place holder for future development. as another person said it is glitchy. but does work
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This has been carried forward into the early access release (CL#99427), and includes the ability to scan for nuts and mushrooms without doing the relevant M.A.M research.
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I am also having this issue. It appears that all scannable items are accessable just by right clicking instead of left clicking, even before researching anything for the object scanner. It is in the early access CL#99427 build, not just in experimental.

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Maybe that's intended? But if so, there' still a bug: The scanner scans for both, mercer spheres and somersloops, when switched to somersloops.

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