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In the experimental build, I grabbed 9 power shards from storage to slap into 3 constructors. I had a stack of 9, shift clicked on the stack to move one into a shard slot and the entire stack vanished from my inventory but only 1 shard went into the machine. I pulled it out to see if it was some UI error but no, I lost 8 shards.
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Similar issue here. Dragged stack of 13 power shards to Miner Mk II and all disappeared, but only one was applied. The rest vanished!

Running experimental release. Other than that, no other problems so far and loving the improvements. Well done all.
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I have experienced the same issue, dropped about 10 into 1 slot and lost all from inventory except the one inserted into slot.
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Fixed in CL#98445
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Yes I as well. Thank god I only had 2 on me. But I did it again still only lost one, Read a diff thread and he lost 26. Witch is about how many I have AND that would have sucked balls. There are only so many of them dam things around and they take FOR EVER to find and get.
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This has happened to me multiple times when double-clicking on the power shards to add to a Miner Mk II. Dragging and dropping works fine, but if I double-click on a stack when attempting to add 1 or more to a Miner Mk II, all of the power shards disappear and none of them are added to the miner.

I haven't tested this on other production buildings, but have definitely experienced this on 2 occasions with the Miner Mk II.

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HEy there. just ecnountered a problem with power shards. pulled a stack of 9 onto a miner MK2. just one dropped in the slot and the other 8 just vanished. Tried a restart of the whole game but they are gone. bad idea to pull them all onto the slot ;-)
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