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Dear Devs:

    I do apologize for the multiple suggestions, but I wanted to get as far as I could before I presented these suggestions to make sure they were not already implemented in the game.  I did sift through already suggested items to make sure they were not answered already.  First and foremost, these are suggestions I would like to see but I am able to live without them since I still have such a good time with the game.  I understand with some suggestions that it may not be possible due to your dream of what you would like the game to be as well as the general way the game works so some may never see the light of day in the game itself.  I am not particularly looking for any answers, just wanted to present some suggestions and ideas that I had about the game.  One question I do have is, as I understand it, there is a place to see the future updates for the game but I am unable to find it.  If this answers some of my suggestions, then, it can be ignored but I would like to know where I can see the outline of future updates.

    Now for the suggestions:

~Signs - As I built up my base, moving machines/storage containers, modifying the base, etc., I found that I had to go to the same container to remember what was in it.  Especially if I dismantled the machine but couldn't transport the items yet.  Just a simple sign of some sort would relieve the unnecessary time to view multiple containers multiple times to remember what was in it.  Maybe even, different mk stages for different size signs for different situations, such as, a small one for your personal containers, while large ones for the large containers, or maybe even really large ones for different types of factories.  One my playthrough, I have one building specifically for iron and iron items.  Granted, I know what is inside, but for asthetic reasons, it would look nice to have a sign that says "Iron Mill" or something like that.  To go a step farther, maybe even a screen on the sign that lists whats in it without having to access it.

~Truck Depot for loading items - Now, I do not know if it is possible but I found that I couldn't do it.  I had a truck depot to try to transport Modular Frames and Rotors but even though there was power going in, it would not go into the storage in the depot.  Instead, I had to construct a very long conveyor belt from there to my main factory.  Not exactly a problem but kinda looks a little ugly to see one just random in the wilderness.

~Switch for power poles - During my playthrough, on several occasions, I went to multiple machines to put them on standby, whether to conserve power or to use up the items already manufactured to move the machine itself.  It was tedious to go to each machine one by one to put them on standby.  If there was a way to put a switch on the poles so those connected will automatically be on standby, that would be great.  This could cause a small problem with everything connected to it so it could be fixed with only machines connected to the poles.

~Wire connections - I tried to construct a multiple story factory but sometimes the placement of the power poles were very inconvenient/unable to place.  It would be a great help to be able to place a small connector to be placed above the machines on the roof/ceiling to remove the unnecessary clutter that the wires create.  I do understand that my above suggestion of a switch would not be able to be place on these but that can be worked around with either a switch on the wall or a pole connecting to the connectors with a switch.

~Lights - I did see this suggestion before but I just wanted to add, a small simple light is all I ask for.  It doesn't to be complicated, just something to be able to see better at night/in a building.

~Shovel/Pick - I did see something along the lines of removing rocks, granted I would like that idea but I wanted to expand on it.  Large rocks/boulders I can live with, though I did not see any small ones broken when I used my chainsaw by them.  I would like to suggest a recipe for something like a handheld backhoe, since this is placed in the future/parallel universe where things are more advanced, to modify the terrain a little.  My main playthrough, I found a nice open area for my factory but it becomes a little off centered when some areas are higher than others or when you see a little bit of grass and ground peeking through the floor.

~Trash/destroyer - I have seen this answered but didn't test yet since I am not in the game at the moment but it would look really nice to have something like a furnace for things you do not need.  Maybe, the furnace could even provide a small bit of power or even melt things back to their basic ingredients to be reused.  Or just destroyed, but something like that would be nice.

~Placing Items in Hotkeys - I have tried this and not sure if its implemented but I was unable to place items in my hotkeys.  This would be especially helpful to place health items for combat.  It is hard to go into your inventory to get to the berries or even the health "pack" (couldn't remember the name) when you are low health but still in combat.  Maybe even placing other items in your hotkeys to place down on different things for asthetics, such as, if you have a personal container for fuel, you can place one on top so you know what is in the personal container.  Just a different variety to use instead of a sign though I would still like to see signs.  Even with, if implemented in future updates, to put on shelves to make it look nice.

~Scroll through hotkeys - Even if we cannot place items in the hotkeys, having the ability to scroll through the hotkeys would be a great help as well.  Several times I accidently pressed the wrong hotkey when building and had to try to see if I pressed the right button.  Scrolling through the hotkeys would help in even the building process since your hand is constantly on the mouse.

~Ladders - Last but not least, ladders.  I have built at one point a factory with catwalks above the machines, it helped to view my progress and to see where I can place my new machine.  Unfortunately, if I had to fix something, it was difficult to get out of the area with all the machines all around me.  Having a way to build ladders would make areas more accessible to get in and out of.

   As I have said before, these are just ideas and suggestions that I can live without and not exactly expecting an answer.  I already love the game and have had a blast with it since I spend half the night playing it.  There is already so much you can do and has been a blast playing.  I just wanted to contribute and maybe come up with something that maybe help with the playing experience for others as well.  Only answer I would like to know is where I can find the future update plans so that I can look through before I suggest something that may be already answered.  Thank you and keep up the good work.  I cannot wait til the next update and see what else you will add.
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Also by posting many issues as one, you bork the search functionality which is there to help you find previous posts on the same subject (that you can upvote to help us find the issue to fix it)

Please, separate this post as separate ones (if that post does not already have the same issue submitted, in that case upvote that instead! [and possible comment on them to help make them better])
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