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Currently testing the experimental version, I ve found that the somersloop research is still availlable after researching it. Even through it does not unlock anything yet, will it unlock something after researching twice or more ?
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Is it the same with the mercer spheres?
(didn't try these scans yet)
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It actually doesn't say that. The only thing that says that is the Mercer Sphere. That being said I would assume that WIP stands for "work in progress" so any item with that in the name will give you nothing

But yes, you can do it an infinite amount of times and it will get you nothing
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Both the mercer sphere and somersloop say in their descriptions "WORK IN PROGRESS ANALYZING THIS WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANYTHING"
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It might say that now, but it didn't always. I distinctly remember wondering why they both said WIP on them but only the Mercer Sphere said it will give you nothing
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Both have said it since first week of early access

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seems bugged, i did test it and even tho it stated new buildings would be unlocked they didnt show up, only the first research unlocked the scam thing but that was all
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Somersloop and Mercersphere if you hover over it the description says its WIP "Work in progress" Analysing this will not give you anything, that could be why since its not done yet until they update it
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well i thought that they would nt let the research avaible if it was for nothing
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Yeah that is a bummer because it means people are wasting the material trying it, does anyone know what they could be for?
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