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Is it possible to make them go down?
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You beat me to it! :) Was just gonne make a Q about it.
I can't place them at a edge of a foundation and strech it down to another foundation, since then, the upper foundation is in the way...

You haft to place a "Convayer Pole" on the edge first, then you can make it go down.

By the way... I LOVE THEM! they make it much easier to organize the factories :)

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They already can.

Start at where you wan't the input to be, and either pull up or down, to where you need it to go. :)
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They do go up or down, but the animation only goes up on my system.
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I think it's different from player to player.
I just tested it, the animation on my system is working as intended.
But I've seen a lot of reports about visual bugs that i don't have.
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It depends on from where to where you build the lift (from up to down or down to up).
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I have several going up, and just tested one going down, both ways works as intended on my end.
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You can use conveyor walls to have it attach to then go down just make sure to rotate bottom part so you can output in the direction you need to go. Be warned that it will be right against the walls under it as well so you have to adjust any belts coming from it to wherever you are going.
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