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Hello Satisfactory Team,

I've been playing Satisfactory for about 25 hours now and have created two worlds. I created the one of them around two weeks earlier and now a problem has occured. I cannot put the materials that are needed to unlock Tier 7/8 in the Space Elevator. There is only a screen  saying "UNAIVAILABLE IN EARLY ACCESS". In my other world on the other hand, I can see what is needed to unlock these tiers.

What can I do to fix this problem? I would be sad if I had to start another world.

Best regards

Simon Röhl

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Atm you just can't. You might be able to see what you need for T7, but you definitly can't unlock them now.

Tier 7 is planned for the 'End of May' update, Tier 8 for some point in the future.

(see the roadmap for more info. https://www.satisfactorygame.com/ --> Roadmap)

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But I can't even see what I need for this Tier.
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What does it matter if you can't use it anyhow currently? When Tier 7 releases you will be able to unlock it in both your worlds.
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You can look here for milestones:
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I believe one of your saves is from Alpha version, that will explain your situation.
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So what should I do? Delete all saves except the newest?
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You can still play both.
I don't know what happen when tier 7-8 Will be available.
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