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Don't have a repro for this since I'm not on the clock, but here's a video showing the effect:


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I can't even manage to get the conveyor lifts to move items down, only up.
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You just connect it to the belt and then drag it down instead of up. But you have to connect it to something first.
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I noticed that too, although I only had it happen to me once for some reason
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Functionally, the conveyor adopts the direction of the belts you connect to.  So if you connect a belt running towards a wall....then connect a lift to it, you can go down with it.  However, the animation uses different rules.  It runs in the direction it was drawn.  So if you have a belt that is running AWAY from a wall, and you connect the lift to that then go down to say, the belts below where your miners are, then the lift shows the animation of carrying ore downwards, even though functionally it's carrying the ore up.
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"However, the animation uses different rules.  It runs in the direction it was drawn"
I have not experienced this.  It has always animated the correct direction for me, even when built reversed (bottom to top on a top to bottom belt and vice versa)

what i HAVE found though, is that when upgrading or downgrading any vertical belt. the animation will reset to going up regardless of what orientation it was originally in.

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Issue can be reproduced by building any tier conveyor lift.
Once the lift is constructed, Upgrade or downgrade it.
The resulting lift will always animate the materials going "up"

Solution:  visual bug only, but if it bugs you, Do not upgrade lifts, deconstruct and rebuild them at the tier desired.
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