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i started the expiremental up and i got the conveyor lifts, but i didnt have any research things left, is this a bug to where i have to wait for the official release? cause i had nothing for quartz and sulfur

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I had the same issue. If I went and picked up the items (from a storage box or alike) it then registered that I could do the research.
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Yes, but how do you find the Quartz and Sulfur? They are not available on the Scanner and usually this is unlocked via a milestone when the research chain is opened so that you know where to go and find them.

These may get unlocked in a new game when an earlier, already completed milestone is done for the first time, but to be able to test these experimental patches, we need any new milestones unlocked that are based on milestones we have already completed.
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I got all mine just from walking around and exploring. I think I had about 400+ from little nodes scattered about near the starting area. Once you complete the first unlock you'll get the scan. You'll get 50 plus from a single little node and it's only 25 for the research. They are very distinctive with the red little crystals on the nodes.
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well i got sulfur so i guess i could grab that but gotta find quartz
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Hey thanks for explaining it worked, now for the fun part. the flying exploding bugs i cant snipe with my nail gun anymore, doing so now crashes the game xD why are they in the way to this quartz deposit
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Everything noted in the patch notes in included. I played through it all today. You need Raw Quartz x 25 than Unlock in the Hub. Than Oscillators and put them in the M.A.M. this completes the Quartz chain for now and allow you to build the Radar.

For Sulfur it's the same, but first 25 Sulfur, than 5 Nobelisk (must be coming from Alfred Nobel the inventor of dynamite, Nobel -> Nobelisk, maybe there are Trademark issues with "Dynamit" or it was not "futuristic" enough). And at some point you come to the Rifle and even Rifle Mk2.

EDIT: I assume you have unlocked everything else before all available tiers and research? If not maybe you miss something which needs to be unlocked first before the additional stuff is available to you.
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yes, i have everything researched, i even have mk4 belt materials being automatically made at this point and working on maybe a computer one
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Can't find it in mine either.

 Hub says next tiers are unavailable until space elevator phase 3 is complete. Space elevator says next tier not available in early access.
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You have to find those small chunks of quartz and sulfur lying around the world. Once you have 25 you can scan it in the MAM and it will unlock the research in tier 4
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