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Most of the 3D visual representations for items are very well made and look good on conveyor belts with one exception: Ore

One ore itself looks okay, but several in a row look very artifical because of the repeating shape on the conveyor belts. I know that adjustments in that area need to be very carefully considered performance- and memory-wise because conveyor items are one of the most common objects rendered, but is it possible to apply a random angle to ore-objects appearing on belts?

I don't mean it should rotate all the time only that every appearing ore item gets a random angle which it maintains as long as it's moving over the belts.

That way the object does appear more random and natural for granular/polymorph items although it's always the same object just another angle. For every other items it's okay and probably preferable to maintain the initial angle and all having the same angle. Everything else can stay for the ore visual in general, collision model, lod's and everything only the initial angle when placed on a belt.

Of course, just a low-priority visual improvement which might be considered when the more important stuff is through. But maybe this can be done so easily with just some lines of code and can benefit the visual right away.

EDIT: A further improvement might be to have not one but two or three variations for ore visuals and combined with the angle trick might make ore visual on belts perfect. This would however probably really impact memory use and gfx performance and should carefully tested before.

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