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The new conveyor lifts are pretty cool but neither transports the player nor does it enable you in any other way to get up the height. Meanwhile the back is completely free to use so adding a ladder there would be a great addition.

Also standing on moving plates would be cool because wheee. :)
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I can see a problem with rotated exit points blocking the ladder on the back of the lift body.

Dear Coffee Stain: Ensure that the lift "back" faces away from the exit or intake, (depending on which is higher) or both, THEN add a ladder to the back.
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Yes, please do this

Or at the very least, let us ride the lift up
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Definitely needed. I've been using conveyor stackable to create resource elevators and the ladder on those helps a lot when it comes to building and editing the factory.
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Good idea. As long as this does not make the profile of the lifts any bigger. They are already bigger than the width of a conveyor which makes it difficult to use them with side-by-side belts and 3 window walls.
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An easy solution would be to add climbable guard rails to the 2 sides and a climbable aspect to the back.  This would mean that no matter what direction the input and output are facing, the lift would still be climbable.

  The only issue I see is that right now, three conveyors on a 3 wall port are a super tight fit which would cause clipping issues with added geometry.  Perhaps just redo the existing model to replace the sides and back.
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