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[Experimental] When driving on foundations, the Explorer does not reach its maximum speed.

I do not know if it was supposed to be that way, but when driving on foundations the Explorer is losing speed and is not reaching its maximum speed (100 km/h). Instead, it only reaches around 80 km/h, but when driving on terrain the Explorer works normally.

When driving on the foundations, the Explorer’s wheels and suspension swing a lot when passing over the connections between one foundation to the next. It makes it look like the foundations are uneven rather than flat
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noticed that too, same for the tractor, bumping all over the place.
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i feel like i'm driving around a ball of rubber bands.

Truck and tractor are slightly affected by the same bug.
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I totally agree. All the bumping on the road makes it so that the explorer can actually spin out of control or you unintentionally drove off the road.

I think this is due to the suspension on the car and the collision detection of the wheels and the foundation. It needs to be tweaked.

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Yeah i was thinking the same, thats something that could defenelty be improve or maybe beeing able to add a layer on it to make actual "roads"

I hoped the vehicule could be faster and with more fuel capacity as well, im thrilling on beeing able to make race in this game ^^
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