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Can't click on agree and proceed on the initial ALPHA INFO screen. How do I fix this and play the game?

Got in before, but options menu bugged out and only way out was to restart my computer. Now even after reinstalling, I still can't get past this initial screen where you agree that it's an alpha build and will be buggy. I can't even agree that it will buggy without a game breaking bug. Any ideas like flushing caches, deleting files, etc.? I would really like to check this game out. Please help!

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It might be a resolution issue. I couldn't find any settingsfiles for the game but if you deleted those (probably not in the install folder as uninstalling did not help) that could fix it.
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You may be right! I finally figured out that I have to click about 2 inches up and to the right in order to click on anything. In the menu, I can see a white mouse pointer that is in this exact position. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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what is your Desktop resolution? Change it to something "popular" and "expected" - 1920x1080 seems to be the most used these days. Update your graphics driver - the game may not recognise your supported resolutions, refresh rate etc. based on bad driver.
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