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Dear Workers of God ;), PRETEXT: My colleague / friend recently got diagnosed with RSI syndrome. He has fallen into a quite depressive period of his life. Naturally as a friend I am trying to find a way to fill the craving for his passion (gaming), he was an avid counterstrike player especially the social element was his drive. So we tried games like factorio (Since it's a casual game pick up and play), but as you _might_ know it's really mouse intensive.game and gave him problems within an hour. His primary issue is using the mouse, the action of lifting and shifting with the right arm strains the inflamed tissue. A controller(ps3/4) puts no strain at those affected muscle groups, I checked this with his doctor ( Great news :D) This amazing game (Statis..) is quite ready for controller support and it's just a time issue, also! I know there have been suggestions before about controller support, and I am certainly willing to wait. But! I already took action which might help speed up this process, or at least you can implement these bindings which are also “handy” as a feature for PC gamers. And handy people can implement support for people with a disability. I am a programmer and as such I got quite creative in making a key mapping for DS3 controller by creating custom functions that control the flow of ex the toolbar(next item , previous item; injected this and hooked on key-control calls, TBH IDK if it is in defiance of the end user agreement but if it is I will not do it again), in combination with a commercial key-mapping software product that I will not name since that would be advertising. I was able to create a fully supported controller “support”. What I require to make a non code/inject modifying version of this solution is the following: Pretext: Any keybinding should be undefined as default or whatever deems logical. Must haves: 1. Make a keybinding that acts as a toggle that will select or deselect the currently stored/selected hot bar item 2. Make keybindings that makes it possible to navigate trough the hot bar - HOTBAR.PREV orso - HOTBAR_NEXT orso 2. Make a keybinding that clears(Delete/Remove) the currently selected item in the hot bar. ** Any mouse movement can be delegated to the unnamed key mapping product, ex. tapping L3 (the left stick) will toggle to a different mode this results in the following state it enables the mouse and disables the WSAD movement, the user can now easily navigate trough the menus. It's that easy. Clicking it again reverts it, I tried this a couple a times and this works great! OK now to the Nice to haves: (I do not require these to facilitate this game to my friend per se) 1. Make multiple keybindings that navigate by item when opening an inventory window; To clarify. If you open an entity that has storage or multiple storage windows, I would suggest the following - The arrow keys should facilitate navigation within a container. The selected item should be highlighted by for ex a yellow bold border. - A keybinding should be added that adds the item to the currently selected item slot in the hot bar, if one is already assigned it should ask for conformation (TBH this should be configurable) 2. Keeping in mind that #1 will be implemented, a delete selected item under the cursor should be implemented. Ex DELETE_UNDER_CURSOR, and then you can implement a conformation window with same navigations keybindings as #1 for a are you sure ? Yes or no, and remember selection. With these additions I can make a profile or an open source program that facilitates this so the community can play the game on a controller. I don't know how this would be possible legally. But I am willing to help in any way to achieve this feature. All the code for what I did to achieve previous mentioned functions are available to you by email. I feel that's a bad idea to put such a thing on GitHub. PS. I love your game, with all the generic games coming out nowadays you give me hope that there will always be good games and passionate developers. Keep up the great work, much love a fellow DevOps Autist :p

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I can not for the life of me format this correctly, for a readable sane copy please visit this pastebin -> https://pastebin.com/3wKXpivG
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Insta downvote without feedback, welp can anyone help me with the formatting ?
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whelp.. your wall of text is kinda scary.
Just ask for controller support and maybe add you pastebin  for a workaround you are working on.
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I did paste it to pastebin, see my  first comment. Once again i can't get the formatting in the default editor to work and you get this ugly mess.

If someone would copy this and is able to format it correcty, i am willing to close this request.
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