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So I was playing with my buddy. While he was exploring for power slugs and I was building conveyors my PC crashed. I usually don't mind and just chalk it up to Early access plus I put it up to the experimental build. Think is less than half an hour later we are back on the grind and it happens again. This one was frustrating. Then I sent him the game save and we ran it from his computer. He has a better GPU we both have 32 Gb of RAM. He has a 2070 and I have a 1070. It crashed my computer completely again froze up this time instead of a blue screen saying "Memory_Management" and so I'm not sure if it is a bug or if I need to change settings. Any assistance would be awesome or if it is a bug I just wanted to report. I was streaming at the time. First crash at around 1 hour 33 min and second around 2 hours 5 Min. Here is the link to the VoD. Just in case there is something i missed in it: https://mixer.com/Kilohmz?vod=101348121

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