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Hi there,

I've seen blown up rocks appear again after restart the game on two occasion so far. One was at the little "highway" on the far east edge of the map (the rocky one, were you can get from the grassy fields to the big blue crater with the big mushroom kind of things). There are several rocks to blow up. But only one appears again and again. The other one was on a caterium node, I think.
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I have the same problem on the northernmost pure Caterium node.
At least it's not stopping my miner from producing the ores.
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As far as My experience goes, it is also possible for any client in the game (as in, my friend is acting as the server) to still have the rocks present after they have been destroyed my the host. I am not sure if that qualifies as a separate bug or not, but that has been my experience.
I have the same issue in the same place. I have a coal miner, truck station and coal power station setup with a Tractor routed to deliver to a truck station closer to my main base. Every time I reload the save, the rock reappears and gets the Tractor stuck on either side.

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I've the same problem with the caterium and coal nodes.
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This seems to only happen after you save the game and exit.  Once you re log back in the rocks respawn.  Lucky if you have a MK1 or 2 minor that still functions at least.
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Yes the rocks appear when you load an old save. I've got this problem too.
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the problem is the same with small patches as well. no matter when they update the game it seems to re-appear on any patch they commit

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I'm pretty sure they are aware of this bug. There are many others. But Coffe Stain just has a workplan and some bugs (if they aren't destroying the game in total) just have to wait a little longer than others. Be need to be patient.
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Still happening (CL#103400) Not only rocks on nodes but many scattered all around the map
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