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After a fight, I want to be able to put away my weapon easily and not have it in my field of vision all the time. It should still be equipped, but not holding it. A shortcut for this would be convenient. Similar, the shortcut should put the weapon back in the hand/field of view again when pressed.

Right now, I have to TAB, DBL Click the weapon to unequip it, and the equip it again when I want to use it.
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100% agree with that. we need a empty hands button.  4 hand slot are awesome but i hate wile building things to have something in my field of view like the chainsaw or anything else.

the other thing is. we need a second body slot. i have no idea why is it imposible to equip the blade runners and the jetpack at the same time. one part on the legs the other on the back^^
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You're forgetting the gas mask :D
So blade runners on the legs, jetpack on the back, and gasmask on the head. :)
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Right now I have an empty hand slot and I would like to be able to use it as an EMPTY hand slot, as in, let me scroll to it and my hand be empty.
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Yes, if the item scroll let you scroll to a blank item (or an implied slot 0 empty item), that would be a good solution.

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I reported this in another question. Holding "reload" button 2 seconds could holster the weapon. Also it could not take whole screen.
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