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Selfexplanetory: if you build a storage on top of another and remove the bottom one, the top one floats. This is not intentended, I think
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Not just storage, all buildings. I built a conveyor and platofrm stairway and all support, it's just airborne now
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Sounds like a feature to me
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I'd call this an unintended feature

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Applying physics to those objeces would add a layer of realism to it, but for sure it will be heavy on the GPU/CPU. Let's say you have center stacked foundations and you want to extend some - how much you want to extend? What's the strength of the center foundation? What about if you extened 300+ and you break the foundation? The other 200 in the distance are not even rendered, not to mention to apply physics. It's too resource heavy.

Currently the physics are "Minecraft-way" - you place someting, it stays there no matter what (not counting gravel, sand etc.).

I was able to build on top of many mountains stacking 10-15 foundations on top of each other and removing the bottom ones to save resourcese (at the start at least).

I don't think they'll add physics for those kind of objects, but let's see.
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I think they could deconstruct all stuff if you remove the all base, sometimes that is useful and more "logical".
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There could be a "Is this object loadbaring another object?" that prevents deconstruction.
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