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Experimental 98224

If not, it's incredibly awkward switching out what you want to use. I have to unequip the item I want to use, then shift-click it to reequip it, then take the replaced item out of my inventory and put it back into one of the hands slots.

it's overall fairly buggy feeling.
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What about scrolling? Works finde for me or i don't get your point
I just had a small visual display bug on the left bottom corner after switching from productive to experimental game
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The mouse wheel will cycle through equipped items. :)
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Thanks! Nearly everything else is keybindings so I figured it would've been as well.
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It's the same with the belt elevator, if i recall correctly. :)
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Well, a mouse wheel would be nice, if it worked... which it doesn't. Or I'm hitting the wrong key but I ran through the entire alpha bet on the keyboard and didn't see it.... at all.
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Damn, people so weird
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