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Making a community based market place, where we could offer one resource in exchange of others with a fixed rate.

The engineer would build an tower that would act as airspace control and market UI at same time. And an airbase for the ships.

Balancing thoughts:

* The airbase would have a bubble of influence where it would stop the building of others airbases, heavy duty long range transport should be handled using a train.

* If the tower loses power and it is not restored in X seconds/minutes, the navigation system shuts down and, if mid flight, the ships crash, if inside the bubble of influence of an airbase and the airbase is powered, nothing happens.

* If the airbase loses power, it would prevent loading operation and take off but not landing, assuming the tower is powered.

* The ships are build separated from the bases, it could be placed on the ground as decoration, where it would not work, or in a dock on the airbase, where it would be powered and connected to the PEL.

*The local airship is powered wireless using a high density focused transmission provided by the PEL. Allowing the ship to work without needing to refuel. So each airbase and ship adds consumption to the power grid.

*The regional airship is launched with a mechanical launcher fuel based, needing refueling for each launch, and is powered by high density sodium based battery cells, that need recharging after each trip. The same is applied for the inter Continental Airship, with bigger requirements and longer charging time.

List of suggestion for the buildings.

Planetary Engineer's Link or PEL for short: Building needed for airspace control, allowing the engineer to build the local, regional or continental transportation devices. After building the tower a "research" needs resources to send a flock of air drones to map the local airspace region, after unlocking the MK 2 Rat, a new mapping is needed to upgrade the antenna and send a new flock of drones to scan the regional airspace and finally, and for the Mk3 Cat, more resources are needed to send a satellite in low orbit for communication and planetary mapping.

*Mk 1. "local airspace transport" or LAT for short: Allows the engineer to send one airship to deliver a small amount of good to the HUB or other Mk2 or bigger airspace transportation. Has a bubble of influence that does not allow other buildings of the same type for an X meter radius for safety reasons, automate flight may be clumsy sometimes.

*Mk 2. "regional airspace transport" or RAT for short: Allows the engineer to send and receive up to two airships at a time, has a bigger bubble of influence. Can send to HUB or to other Mk 2 RATs or higher. Has one bigger airship used for regional transportation, can send and recover goods from the "market place" of fellow know engineers (a.k.a. Friend's List).

*Mk 3.  "inter continental airspace transport" or iCAT for short: Allows the engineer to send and receive up to three airships at a time, has an even bigger bubble of influence. Can hold the MK 2 regional transporter, as well as a Mk3 new transportation ship. This new ship has the capacity to transport heavier duty stuff with a greater range. Allowing the engineer to exchange goods with fellow engineers on another regions of the same planet.

Anyways, just came to share my ideas.

I hope you like it, suggestions to my suggestions are more than welcome.

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