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When we have 2 inputs of materials, the volumes mirror the input and output, rather than sending the materials more evenly.

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its like a 2 port input merger and 2 port output splitter.  speed at which comes in or out depends on supply and belt speed.
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Im getting few items in the upbelt-in, and the downbelt-in is full ... The up-out is having few products, and the down-out is full... Its mirroring the input and not splitting equally.

OBS: Nothing is stored on the container. The items are just passing.
OBS2: If you see the big picture, seems to be 2 bets running the items independent, not "merging" equally.
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I also thought so (that it is simply a merger-container-splitter) and tried to build a 4x4 belt balancer with it, but it really prefers one output. See the difference when you drop a stack in vs. when you feed an empty container with one belt: https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/bke19w/industrial_storage_container_prefers_one_output/
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simple test; build one, connect output to 2 small storage units, check amount in each storage.
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