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Loading up Experimental version the buildings have taken a greenish hue. It looks like it's reflecting off of a building that I painted green, but it's more than that. The green "reflection" appears on any building I have no matter how far away it is from painted ones.

It's actually kind of cool looking, but didn't see anyone else mention this, thought I'd pass it along in case it can be of any help to you guys.

I love Satisfactory, thanks for all this.
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I brought this up in another question earlier today. Hue appears to only be present during dawn-dusk, with no evidence of the hue when the nighttime 'sun' is up casting its eerie blue light.
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It's coming from the sun light source is my guess.
It's not only at dawn or dusk, look at the sun at noon and the sun flare is just a green blob.
The tint is actually wants to make me vommit, played a bit to test the Explorer, which is actually fun, but I just deleted the beta and the contaminated beta saves.

I hope this will not transit over to the stable release as that would mean the end for me :/
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Confirmed even in 1.06. There is an intense green-blushish light. Or to be more exact: In the 1st Starter Biome as every biome have slightly different lighting settings.

I'm pretty sure it's the ambient color of or in shadows as the color tone appears only in shadow parts of where no sunlight is. It's not so predominent during the moon phase when everything tends to be dark and blushish, but this snake-green-cyan color is everywhere. They change the look of reflective metal items like copper wire or quickwire quite strong but you can see it everywhere at least a bit.

If you want to confirm. Build a closed ceiling of foundation e.g. 5x5 and stay below them in the shadows you can clearly see the color as there where some kind of green-blue lamp/lightsource for all shadows.

EDIT: My guess is: Someone complained that they cannot see much in closed factories so they changed the ambient light levels, but not all components are changed the same red seems to be off a tad, so the color tone which should be white/grey is in fact more cyan. But to be honest ... even when the color is corrected it seems a little too bright for shadows.
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Still green tint all day long, so not touching the game untill we get normal lighting back that doesn't makes you want to vomit like having sun glasses on for hours as a filter.
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Issue appears to be fixed in build 98611
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