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Patch notes "Added Alien Organs research after Alien Carapace (making it possible to turn Alien Organs into Medicinal Inhalers)"

I have gone over the MAM, have plenty of alien Carapace and Alien Organs.  Neither the MAM nor is there any type of way to update for this research?

Is this missing, bug or am i missing something?

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I wondered about this myself, and can't find it either. I did notice that I have 3 greyed out 'finished' researches at the MAM for 'alien carapace' even though I've only done the two pre-patch ones in this save.
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Same here, clearly a BUG.

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When starting a new game I was able to do the alien organ research just fine, leading me to believe it's bugged and only works if you created a new save after the patch. The Rebar Scatter Gun also comes from that research.
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I confirmed this,  Was able to work through the research on a new game but previous save games this upgrade/research is grayed out
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I hope there's a work-around implemented  eventually, for old save games.
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Hi. Thank you for your report. I have solved this in latest on experimental!

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