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I think it could be good to make conveyor belts stop while there is no power, you know realism and stuff ;D


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Now I came with an idea, why building a fancy coal generators, geo thermal power plants or nuclear ones while you can connect your whole base to a magical and unlimited source of power - one segment of conveyor belt :P

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I see this is getting downvoted but I actually agree. Would like some more realistic conveyor behavior in general, and the sight of all your resources stopping still when power dies would be a much more impactful visual than just the machines shutting down.
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want realictic dont play the game at all)
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Sure, there's realism and all, but I, for one, couldn't function without my glorified portable moving walkways. Having to hook them up to power just to go up a cliff or walk across my base would be a pain in the butt. Plus, having your items ready for when the power comes back on is much more convenient and efficient. And in the end, isn't efficiency what Ficsit Inc. is all about?
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Then you must put power poles everywhere for conveyor belts and connect belts to them. Realistic is good but shouldn't damage gameplay.
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Yeah, but no one ever said anything about connecting every meter(?) segment(?) to the power lines, conveyor belt could just run whenever it is connected to the output device which has power. Also power blackout means your WHOLE base is shut down as well as all means of material transportation.

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