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(Guys sorry for my english since I am not english speaker :) But...

As an engineer, I'd want to say that I'd really want to have a user-friendly interface to whole factory processes right in my hub station (like real engineer guys on factories do! They sit in one room with multiple screens - and can control almost anything, from there).

(maybe geographically distributed - we have a map! first screen could be an overall map where you select precise location)

As I imagine this should look like a screen with all production lines on it, where you can see: current input and output of structures, their effectiveness, conveyors class, maybe suggestions on where bottlernecks are,...

When you hover mouse pointer over a node/conveyor/etc, it drops down a statistic info bubble. (I show in [] )

Like small icons and connected lines view:                                       

[miner mk2 speed=100%]                                 [smelter speed = 100%]

[mines: iron][ore type:normal]     [conv split]     [in/max = 60/60 out=45/100]

v  [out: 120 res]                               v                  v


         ^ [conv mk3]                           |                        v [stor mk1] [used 12/320]

            [trans 180 res/sec]              L------------------[X}-------------------------------->

            [that line should be green, conveyor is not overloaded]

Of course if something involves physical action, you should get yourself up and go tweak some things, like installing power shards or increasing number of assemblers-smelters etc.

But the whole production statisctics and performance tweaks REALLY should be definitely accesible at least from single point - from the hub preferably IMHO (maybe some alerts could go to UI?)!
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It would be really nice if there was a station that at least gave you some overall statistics for your factories. How many machines aren't working at max efficiency. Or how many are idle because conveyors are jammed/full? An ability to mark from that console where the offending equipment is so you can find it and try to fix it
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I've been thinking about something like this too, also thought about some remote access  function on the scanner maybe or even the power lines. Like show all connected machines and be able to disable their power.

I like the hub console idea for sure, maybe a managers office for late tier so you didn't need to use the hub. (insert homer drooling image, caption; mmmmm,managers office aaaahhhh)
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