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I think it would be great if you could program how many materials the programmable splitter would sort in the minute. Right now i find that with splitters the flow of materials seems to be 50/50 wether it would go to the right or forward if you have only those outputs. so if you have a row of machines the first machine gets 50 % of the flow of materials while the second machine gets 25 % and the third machine gets 12,5 % and so on. This makes it so that the first machine gets overflowed and then the second gets overflowed. while maybe the third gets enough materials anyways, if you have a long line of machines the last machines in the line wont get materials in a while and then only a few percent of what the first machine gets of materials.

If you could controll how many materials in the minute the programmable splitter would send in each output you could get better flow of materials, and you wouldn't have a problem with some machines getting overflowed and some barely getting materials.
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what is the point of the smart and programmable splitters? If something gets full the rest of the factory shuts down. Could we at least have the programmable one control output and timings instead of being an advanced smart splitter?
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Yes! Please add the ability to send a precise percentage out any direction. 5%, 33%, 25%, etc. The same ability on a merger could be useful too. This would greatly enhance feeding a large number of machines!
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I think three additional splitters which would be a "Mark 2" version of the current ones that allows engineers to customize the ratios for each output might be an interesting idea.  It would have a cost increase compared to the original version.
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this would be absolutely amazing. We can only hope!
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I have Written a Specification of how I think Programmable Splitters / Mergers should be, please Check if you would like that too.


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I haven't tested it myself but programmable splitters should already have the function to specify a ratio by selecting the same item multiple times per side. In my opinion that should be changed to adding an extra field you can write the ratio into so you don't have to select it multiple times and get the interface all cluttered up though
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Hmm, you would think so, but I just tested it and not only doesn't this work, but like the Smart splitter, you don't seem to be able to have the same item coming out of 2 different outputs.

This make both splitters completely useless except for sorting mixed items on a belt, which I never use.
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thats...unfortunate..... and really should be changed
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I think you are talking about the Smart splitter, not the Programmable splitter? We haven't seen the capabilities of the Programmable splitter yet. Hopefully it will allow a lot more control over the split rates.
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^ The programmable splitter has been updated, and is now craftable.
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neither smart splitter or programmable splitter can do this. The normal splitter should have this function instead. (but it doesn't at the moment)
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Ah, thank you, I had not noticed that.
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