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If there's just one thing that I really want to blow up, it's those annoying poison nest. There's a lot of interesting real estate which is occupied by those annoying nests.
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Are you talking about the plants who stand up when you get close to them? (They kinda look like a nest.) We can blow them up now!!! I was trying to kill one of the yellow fireball shooters and I threw my Nobelisk stick next to a poison plant and BOOM! No more angry alien animal and no more annoying alien plant!
But the big ant-hill type structures, those we can't blow up. :-(
@Dvader911 No, that's not what we're talking about.
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Months later and I still think this is very relevant.

I hate dealing with those gas fields. And for some reason you take damage from them even when in a sealed vehicle while wearing a gas mask.

Even if it cost a great amount of resources to do so I would love to be able to take them down. They're probably the only thing I actively hate about this game.
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I agree 100% with this suggestion. The gas is good for limiting your progress in the early game, but in the late game it's just an annoyance. There's a cave near my base that is perfect for a train track, but it's filled with gas that I can't get rid of.
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Same here.  Even a nice green power slug on a hill smack dab in the middle of one of those annoying buggers.  Pisses me off.  Now that I can unlock the gas mask though, that slug is MINE!

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Would rather find a way to build around them.
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The 'gas pipes' or 'nests' as you call them, are part of the map.
They're different from the poison plants that stand up.
Compare them to the ground you walk on in the game, instead.
Devs mentioned in the last stream they did to end 2019 that they intend to change this.

This means that we will be able to destroy them in the future, after they rework how these gas pipes are implemented.

There is no estimated release for this feature at this time.
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Personally I think they should stay exactly as they are and folks should just learn to build around them. It adds a challenge to building in this game. The game would be terribly boring if all threats were removed from it. There needs to be some sort of challenge. This isn't just a building game after all.
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I think giving people an option to play the game in their preferred way is a wise decision.
By your logic, we wouldn't need nobelisks to destroy the plants that stand up and create poison gas either.

Creating a game that can be played in multiple ways is better than forcing people in a certain direction in what is arguably a bit of a sandbox game.
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