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Hello, i can't place the miner pls how can we do :(
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I have the same issue, tell me if you find a solution
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The game should provide some clearer hint that the rock in the middle is the issue (I did notice the miner was rotating around the rock as a center point, but I somehow considered it the be the support structure)
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mine the big rock in the middle of the node by hand tool - after that u got the space to place the mk1

2 Answers

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I believe i remember something about needing to manually mine of any large rocks on the resource before being able to place miners.
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With tools or robot ?
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with hand tools
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+1 to this, if the big rocks are there the miner won't place. Go up to it and hold E till it breaks
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Thanks for this guys. Was looking for the same problem fix!
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Find any ore source, destory the one large rocks (The ore should be flat) and now you should able to place Miner MK1
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Thank you, it worked!
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Thanks, got really frustrated earlier when I couldn't place a miner..
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Worked for me too - there was zero indication the boulder is any different from the node itself, there should be a tooltip or something.
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Thanks, this was for me also the solution! Not clear to find this on your own!
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