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People mention typing a number for adding items to the to-do list, but it would also be really nice if we could just mouse over the number and scroll to increase/decrease numbers.

Also it would be really nice if you could click an item in the "to-do" list to have it also become a "to-do". For example, if I add objects to the list which in total need 100 reinforced iron plates, if you could click the iron plates to have their ingredients show up as well, so you know how many raw items are needed in total. That way you can bring everything down to the raw ingredients, then work up to the complex objects. Helps you count how many iron, wire, etc. are needed for a project.:


To-Do List BeforeAfter Clicking Reinforced Iron Plate
To-Do: Modular Frame x200To-Do: Modular Frame x200
Reinforced Iron Plate x600Reinforced Iron Plate x600
Iron rod x1200Iron rod x1200
Iron Plate x2400
Screw x14400
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But screws use iron rods too, you haven't factored that into your new table.
How much iron ore or ingots would that be? iron is 1 ore to 1 ingot, but caterium is not.
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Well the answer is simple. I haven't clicked those ingredients yet. If you look at the headings, the second column is only after clicking the reinforced plates. If you have constructors making tons of screws, rods, and plates, you don't really need to worry about iron ore in the to-do list. Your point is very valid, however, if you're still making the miners, constructors and smelters needed to make screws, plates, and rods in such quantities. But to keep things simple when you're at the automated-motor-construction level, detailing iron ore consumption is somewhat unnecessary
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