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When you have to build large scale buildings can be a great help to create something like "preassembled component".

i don't know, something like: the first conveior, a splitter, 2 smelter, 2 constructor, a deposit, the floor.. you build the first time this thing and then you make it as a "group of things" and you past/copy.

even if you have to make a large floor i think it's usefull to select  a 3x3 pavement and replicate it.

even better if you can create something like a "object" like a closed box. something with an entrance for resource and an exit for the stuff created. stackable and easy to deploy
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Sounds like a mod as opposed to something for the vanilla game.  I see no need for it, but as a mod it can be used by those who need it.
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Why would it need to be a mod? Another very well known game in the genre certainly supports it in vanilla, and it's a big part of that game.

It's not fun for me (and probably most people) to build the same layouts of structures one by one, over and over again when expanding to a new area or just unlocking a new tier of miners.

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As the teaser video for the game shows simultaneous construction of multiple buildings, I believe blueprints or an equivalent is on their internal roadmap.
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