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I like putting something into my hands to get an extra inventory slot, but I don't like waving a gun around the whole time I'm walking around the base or trying to build stuff. Would like a button to 'holster / draw' weapons so they're not visible.
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And assign them to hotkeys, I could only assign building mats to 1-9,. Made combat awkward when trying to equip my rebar gun when getting mobbed with Chainsaw equipped
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How do you assign them to hotkeys.
I played for awhile and was thinking. Need to assign what we want in the hotkeys.
Then I saw a video on the whole hotkey full of items. Oh wait. We can.

Drag them down there, I guess???
There was no indication we could.
A tool belt of sorts so we can switch between

Building              All your platforms stairways wells etc.
Construction     for all your machines belts etc.
Exploring            Weapons health items beacons.
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I recommend a solution for Devs.

1. Quick tapping R key reloads the gun. The game responds to releasing R quickly after pressing it.

2. Holding "R" for 1.5-2 seconds would holster the weapon just as if we selected "hands" only.
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Nice idea. Same with the chainsaw too: It gets annoying holding it out when it makes so much noise.
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Building tool should probably an item that we can put in the hand instead. In combination with hotbar this could work great.
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